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Blood Moon

Butterfly Effect Dress

Butterfly Effect Dress

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A-line dress with butterfly pendant and adjustable straps.

you caught the traffic that I caused
by leaving 5 minutes late
5 minutes late because your alarm didn’t ring
it didn’t ring because you forgot to set it
you didn’t set it because I had called you
to tell you that I loved you
so you got caught in the traffic because of me
the traffic I so stupidly caused
when I thought my light was green
I thought my light was green because I had been distracted
distracted by thinking about loving you
maybe the minor collision was your fault after all
maybe if you didn’t smile a certain way
if you didn’t speak the way you do
if you didn’t hold me when I was scared
if you didn’t make me laugh everyday
if you didn’t love me too
maybe then I wouldn’t love you
maybe then I wouldn’t have crashed
maybe then I wouldn’t have caused a traffic jam
that would alter the course of the world"

95% Bamboo
5% Spandex

Size XS pictured on model

Model Measurements:
B- 34"
W- 27"
H- 38"

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