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Blood Moon

Silver Linings Skirt

Silver Linings Skirt

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Double layered crop top with D-ring details.

”She watched city slickers with their
serpentine tongues and charcoal fantasies,
wayward travelers looking for loose change
pride shaking in a stained coffee cup,
long legged beauties looking for a chance,
tripping on TV static daydreams,
stale gum chewed by the next big thing
stuck under the shoes of those with puppy dog eyes,
shouts and whistles from sleek wolf lips
landing on soft Italian wool coats.
She was a city stomper,
a moonlit wanderer,
mewling down the street
looking for a glass of milk,
reading sex tips from the latest gossip magazine.
She used to looked for silver linings in neon signs,
hoping to catch the eyes of noble gentlemen.
She had thought she was too much
before she looked above the glass ceiling.
Now she knew,
she is enough."

94% Polyester
6% Spandex

Size S pictured on model

Model Measurements:
B- 34"
W- 27"
H- 38"

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